Newspaper inside first page idea

I started to design the newspaper inside page. My topic is “The owl and the pussy cat”. This poem is for the children, so I decided to design like children’s book illustration. I went to the book store to research the children’s book illustration. I focus on the composition which they draw it. After the research the book, owl and the cat. I think about several composition, I love the first part of the poem that the owl sing a song for the pussy-cat and the last part that the owl and pussy-cat dance under the moon. I draw the moon top of the page and write the poem title above the moon. Give the contest to emphasize the title, under of moon the I write the part of poem and draw the owl and pussy-cat couple. I didn’t finish the next page but I thought about it. Unlike this page I just write the content of poem.screen-shot-2017-01-11-at-15-44-09


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