Newspaper cover idea

Today class I think about the newspaper cover design. Our group newspaper name is  Glance-Glanz. At first we choose ‘Glance’ because not all of people but many of them read the newspaper quickly. So we express that behaviour the word ‘glance’. After that our team member suddenly ask the glance or glanz. At first I don’t know the meaning of the glanz. Glanz is the german, meaning is Glitter. Then I plan to use both of them. Its same pronunciation , meaning is different and both of them can explain our newspaper well.

I decided to design cover by graphic style. Write a title on the top of the page and under the title draw the eye illustration, its the symbolise the our title. Around the eye I write down our team’s all topics by all different typography. Also I will cover one more page over the cover by the transparent paper. On that paper I will write the ‘Z’ letter above the ‘c’and ‘e’ letters. Than the cover title look ‘Glanz’ then I will draw the yellow diamond shape all over the cover, look like Glanz!


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