Final Evaluation

 Time passed so fast 12 weeks passed suddenly. In a word, it was absolutely great time for me. I enjoyed this project indeed. Even the time when I was choosing the theme was the most difficult part of this project for me. I would like to talk about brief of my theme first. I first project theme was related about animals especial endangered animals, I was always interested in animals, and I remembered some endangered campaigns that I used to know before so I wanted to do that. Second, theme was globalization. I thought about my family and friends for theme. Then I thought about me now. Now I am studying in UK that is completely opposite from my country, and I made many friends who are from many different countries. Then, the word “global” comes to mind. In fact, I mixed two topics. I had more interest in global topic, its more related to me so I could do the finial project happily. But I still want to do about animals and pop-up book which I planed in first theme so I decided to mix them, bring the theme from ‘globalisation’ and bring the present way from ‘endangered animals’ by using animals  make pop-up book and Gif.

For got research I went to the London to go to the London Zoo and British Museum. The London Zoo was so big. There were a lot of animals I wanted to research. Tiger, giraffe, lion, bird, monkey, and so on. One  bad thing was the weather was nice  lots of animals were sleeping under the sun, so I could not take a picture close to them. Especially because the beasts  lions and tigers were too far away from people, I could not take pictures well with my phone. Nevertheless, I did a lot of research for animals. And I thought the British Museum, which has artifacts from various countries, would be the best place to search about many countries. Moreover admission is free! Egypt and Europe have done a lot of research in Christmas Vacation, so I looked around Asia first and then I looked around Africa and Europe. One thing I surprised about was that there was a Korean exhibition hall, they installed a part of the Hanok there. I was able to complete the primary research on the Asian side that I was worried about at the British Museum. Moreover I went to the city centre library to research about children’s book and went to the second-hand shop to buy the pop-up book.

In this finial project I did lots of development and try to used different skills and materials. First when I arranged my research for animals and countries I draw rough sketches of the character design. After that I did 5 animal characters design, I tried lots of different style of drawing I tried put amount of colours to find match colours. For my gif I just want to used the AI to make the characters, however it was the first time to use Ai so I search many tutorial in YouTube and I practiced them. I got advised to use various materials while doing a peer assessment. I was confused about how I could use other materials. I could use other materials, but it was a question of how to connect it to my project. So I asked the tutor for advice and she told me to make a texture with various materials and put it on a character made with ai. Than the output be better. So after that I focus to make different textures. I used water-colour, acrylic, crayon, ink, colour pencils, lino and plants. Create some shape of pattern than I  scan them and apply on my Ai character’s clothes and the background. After finish to make characters I put it in After effect to make gif. I learned it in moving image rotation so I could make gif fast, in addition for give special effect I searched and followed some tutorials for Ae skills in Youtube. When I  make pop up book I made lots of test pieces of pop up book. Consider the style, colours position of characters the letters shape and the papers colours and paper material. And I thought a lot about the contents of the book. I think that the content is simple, but in order to give lessons to my target children, I made a lot of worrying and satisfying contents.

In this project, I shared a lot of opinions with the tutor and friends during the project. Especially I shared a lot with my friends. I especially talked  lot of  with someone sit next to me,  we seem to be good advisors to each other. Whenever there was a problem, I immediately asked for feedback and got good advice. Also the conversation with the tutor has always led me to a better direction. As I was doing the project, there were a few panic situation that I really had to deal with. I talked to the tutor every time and the tutor helped me to develop more by giving me different directions. A weekly peer assessment was helpful too. I was also able to get advice about my work and be stimulated by watching the speed and work of other friends.

Originally, I made a pop-up book as a main and a gif as an ancillary. I made a book by thinking about an exhibition and tried to make a gif if I could afford it. But in my research I thought gif would be better suited to global themes. Global is the main reason for the development of IT, and gif is more suitable for IT and spread more widely than book, so I thought that I could see people from any country globally.
I wanted to make a gif, but with 5 characters, it can not make a gif because the video can be made longer than gif. I really satisfied with my short animation, before I made that I did lots of research and experiment and I challenged new things the Ai. I was able to find me when I made a character with Ai and it was so hard to remember that it was hard for me to make shapes at first. I am very proud of my progress because I have become more proficient in dealing with the program Photo shop, After effect and Ai than before through this project. There has one thing need to develop is the speed of the video. I felt that if the speed of the video was a bit faster, it would have been better.  I satisfied with my pop-up book too it was different style with animation. Cover is bright and lovely and content pages are eye-catching and lovely. But I don’t have enough time so I just made 2 piece of my book’s story. If I had enough time, I would have been able to make all the book appetizers. Thourgh the FMP I was able to discover that I developed. Perparing the finial piece I could learn more about the illusrtation. I challenged different and varies technique and I could obtion more skills


29.05.2017. Chicken page

I start to make second scene, this page is much easier than front page. I select the page which chicken shoot to help. I decided to make it because I think it is important page that the chicken  knows that he can do well something. Moreover I already made sample before for experiment the pop up book style. That outcome was good so I will just follow that, but tutor advice me crayon texture is not match for my book and animation so I will recreate this by the someway that I coloured the tiger and lion. Inside of the mouth I stamped with letter stamps, and the beak the only part of pop up, I attach the colour paper than it looks more pop up!IMG_1651

27.05.2017 Tiger page fin


To make the finial piece. First I scan the letter stamp experiment page. Than I  select the each letters and cut it one by one. ( the stamp were not clear so hard work 😦 ) Separate them in each layers. Delete the background. Than it will become like this.

Copy the layers, make the full sentence. I change the colour and size of all letters. Looks more interesting!! Bring the character images and adjust the position. I print out the finial piece, but it print on yellow paper so the lion and tiger were so yellow and not clear. So I print it on white paper again and cut the characters than print the letters in yellow paper again and stick characters in yellow paper finally finish!!

26.05.2017 letter stamp

I showed my tiger pop up page sample to tutor and she don’t want me to write by my hand. Of course, I will not write by my hand, and I showed to her the letter example what I want. After that she borrowed me her letter stamps. Its so cool!-! I did not have all the letters I wanted in letter stamps, so I decided to scan them after I took them all on paper (I could not separate them because the required alphabet was in word stamp). After that I tried to print it in A5 size. Before I think I can’t print in A5 size but it can!

25.05.2017 tiger page.

For first inside page I select the tiger and lion page.This page compares the chicken with himself, the tiger and the lion. So I  draw the Lion and Tiger looks more strong and powerful and tried two different way of pop-up. I think horizon way is more suitable for this page because its more easy to show the background image. I designed roughly and make it them more the sample.

After I decided the design I met huge problem; colour 😦 I spent whole class to choosing the back colour. I compare all papers that I  have, but all of them is not match… so stressful. Tutor said I have lots of  think , I need a rest and need to think simple. I give up to choose the colour that day. Next day I bring my pop-up sample to art shop to fine proper paper. In addition I plan to be simple before I plan so complicated, decided to delete the trees and just used the one colour for background. Finally I select orange and yellow colours. Used both of them for experiment and see the result and I will pick one.

24.05.2017 Book idea

Originally my first plan was to create a pop up book and create an additional gif or short animation. However, when I proceeded with the project, I thought that making video was more appropriate with my theme global than book making, and the short animation that I made in the sample was more satisfying than I thought, so changed my overall plan. Short animation become the main thing, and I decided to make a book with the characters I made there. The short animation was satisfactorily completed, and the book story also completed, but it did not have time to make it into the  whole story. The result of consultation with the tutor, I thought that it would be better to choose a few scenes to make the whole book. Before actually making a book, book maker made a sample and received a review. I decided to make only 2 or 3 scenes like that.

23.05.2017. fin essay

In this book, you can see the above. Chickens are big and chicks are small. In addition, chickens are painted with a brighter and brighter color than chickens. As such, the chick represents the elements of the children, and the chicken represents the elements of the adults. In his book, he personified the chick as a child, dirty clothes, screaming and playing games outside. By expressing this, children can easily assimilate and empathize while seeing chicks performing similar behaviors. Also, in this book, the chicks soul in the mother’s chick by making a sound. By showing this situation, children can learn moral behavior that indirect experience should not make the sound too loud. Also, by watching the mother chick loving the chicks and putting the children themselves and their mothers, the content of the children’s books can be more effectively reached to the children.

As I wrote this essay, I learned once more about the importance of children’s storybooks and also helped me design my own children’s books made in the final. I tried various illustration techniques. When designing the characters, I designed them small and bright and personalized them so that they could empathize and empathize. The story was also made easy and simple so that the children could imagine themselves by assigning themselves and learned lessons.