Rough sketches

After the research I start to think about how to express the song. I want to combine illustrative and graphic, but focus on the illustration more than graphically based.

I first draw Jonny playing the violin. Through research Johnny’s image  was a cute and young country bot character to me, but in first sketch I want to expressed  like a violin concert posters, a handsome man taking on a dynamic violin pose,I draw it more realistic and to show the song title rhythmically next to him.

The second design was more characteristic than the first. Its same situation of the first design. Jonny was playing the violin. When I design this I think about draw in computer background was one colour and the painting a character  more graphic than painting a detail.


I thought that the main point in this song was Jonny, the devil and the violin. In order to show these three elements at once, I placed the middle violin on the opposite side of each other. With only three images, I could not concentrate my gaze,  so I wrapped a piece of paper with a title on the violin.I like the arrangement and size of the composition to be stable, and it seems like it is designed to look good.




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