19.05.2017 story about my book

Originally my first plan was to treat grobalize international issues because my topic was grobal. I thought about the issue of racial discrimination related to my gift and thought about how to convey the difficult subject to children. But the story did not come out even though I thought lots of times and time was lacked. So I once again thought about the subject.Related with racism, but giving lesson from simply way. Once I resolve the racism It is also important to recognize that ‘they are not wrong but they are different’, but once they thought that they should start with valuing oneself. So I wanted to create a narrative story in which a character in inferiority regains self-esteem while finding out the merits of his strength. There is no time to create a new character, originally I planed to make the video and book characters the same, I made the animated characters character of the book. Chicken, panda, tiger, lion, monkeyAs I wrote this C& CS essay, I knew that children would be better able to assimilate and empathize with similar characters. So, I chose the cute chicken, which was the weakest and brightest color among the five animals. I thought about the merits of each animal I chose the main character.The tigers and the lion are surely strong. The monkeys and the pandas thought that it was common to climb the trees well, and the chickens thought the cry was loud. The animals except the chickens have two things in common, so I thought it would be easier to show them in a book.

The plot of this book begins with the chicken being depressed. Chicken is depressed because he can not fly even if he is birds, and he think he is incapable of doing anything. At that time, the chicken friend Panda appeared and comforted that each of us had something special and good, and they took a walk together.Then the panda falls into the hole. The panda asks the chicken to take her out. But chickens cry as ” I’m not as strong as tigers and lions, I’m cannot climb trees  well as like as pandas and monkeys, moreover I can not fly like other birds, how can I save you?” At that time, the pandas encouraged chicken, that he have a loud voice that is good point for the chicken. The chickens called the village animals with a loud voice and save the panda. The chicken now knows that he has a special point too, and the story ends when he gets confident.

At first, I wrote to give a lesson, but it seems to be a story that can give various lessons after writing a story. You can get a lesson from chickens to cherish oneself, learn lessons about friendship with friends through pandas, and finally learn about the diversity of the world by dressing different countries clothes on animals.


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