23.05.2017. fin essay

In this book, you can see the above. Chickens are big and chicks are small. In addition, chickens are painted with a brighter and brighter color than chickens. As such, the chick represents the elements of the children, and the chicken represents the elements of the adults. In his book, he personified the chick as a child, dirty clothes, screaming and playing games outside. By expressing this, children can easily assimilate and empathize while seeing chicks performing similar behaviors. Also, in this book, the chicks soul in the mother’s chick by making a sound. By showing this situation, children can learn moral behavior that indirect experience should not make the sound too loud. Also, by watching the mother chick loving the chicks and putting the children themselves and their mothers, the content of the children’s books can be more effectively reached to the children.

As I wrote this essay, I learned once more about the importance of children’s storybooks and also helped me design my own children’s books made in the final. I tried various illustration techniques. When designing the characters, I designed them small and bright and personalized them so that they could empathize and empathize. The story was also made easy and simple so that the children could imagine themselves by assigning themselves and learned lessons.


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