15.05.2017 background texture

Using the paintings that I made for the texture experiment, I add in the background and create new background. Once the tiger was used as it was made the last time, and the panda wanted to do something related to bamboo, so I overlapped the leaves pattern on the green background. The background of the monkeys applied a lot of patterns in the wave pattern that appear in Japanese traditional paintings. Among the paintings painted with crayons and painted with lino, lino was more fitting and I picked it. I wanted to make the background of the chicken cute and bright, so I applied  dots painting draw with the crayons. And the big problem is the lion. 😦 Once I set the background to the blue series, I tried to put all the textures that would fit into it, but they were not suitable. The rest are all textured in the background, so if you have nothing on the background of the lion, it would be too strange to find something that suits you, but it is not easy.


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