14.05.2017 watercolour texture experiment.

In weekend  I tried different water colour texture experiment. I did 4 kind of different skills.

  1. lifting with tissue & salt- Using the different colour I made beautiful wet marbling and than using tissue & salt I take off some paint. Tissue & salt absorbing water. Than it become amazing water colour painting.
  2. plastic wrap- paint with darker colour, wrinkle up plastic wrap layer on wet paint and leave it alone until dry. Took up the plastic wrap I can find it nice unusual shapes and texture.
  3. Using the knife I make the paper rough. Create some grooves before painting over it the paint settles into the grooves after I paint it. Also I cutting grooves into the wet paint.
  4. Spattering is the fun kind of mindless way to create a galaxy of tiny dot. Using the brush put one paint and flick it onto the paper, do it on a wet surface and it looks nice too.

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