05.05.2017 experiment of pattern


  1. I download one image in website, it is Taegeuk mark one of the symbol of Korea so I choose it. Using AI I draw the line of it.
  2. Transfer the line image pack to Photoshop and select the colours what I want.
  3. Transfer  coloured taegeuk mark image into Tiger character design AI file. Using this mark I will make the pattern for background.
  4. Before make the pattern I need to change the setting of taegeuk mark file Because it is photoshop file now so I can’t make pattern so select Windows-Links-Embed image(s)
  5. Now elect image and click Object-Pattern-Make than I could make the pattern. Using pattern options I can change the number of pattern, types of pattern.
  6. After make pattern you can find the pattern save in AI program. We can use this pattern anytime.
  7. Apply it in the background
  8. Finish

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