02/05/2017 Ai making the character design

I start to made the tiger character by AI. I need to show the sample of my work to tutor tomorrow. So, actually I didn’t finish all my character design, just start to made gif by the one character for experiment.

I make face,eye,clothes. It was made of simple shapes, but it was quite tricky. If I want to divide the section I need to group the two shape – divided – ungroup but when I ungroup than the shape suddenly became same group! 😦 I don’t know why it happen. I showed it to my friend to get advise, after I put in After-effect. He said it will be looks more better if I change the shape of string more round. I tried it and agreed with his opinion. Thanks. I separated the all shapes in each layers, that is more helpful and convenient to use in Photoshop&After-effect. I put AI files in AE and create new composition. I experience my character blinking his eyes and type the South Korea and give the effect them.  I need to find the tutorial about AE I forgot everything haha. I will talk with tutor and continue to develop my gif. (Make texture and background.)


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