01/05/2017 character design

Today I followed the advice of Jo and designed one animal to write on the gif; The first Korean – tiger character I research. Based on the design I had roughly sketched in the past, I designed two characters. I simplified this image because I was going to make this gif with AI. The first was detailed in detail. Secondly, I used only simple shapes to make use of the characteristics of the tiger.I had to do this when I was designing the first one, but I simplified it a second time and liked it more so nice. Once I made the base design I clothed it on it. I thought that when people saw my gif, they wanted to know what country the character represented. To do that, I thought it would be easier to express the country by wearing traditional clothes rather than modern clothes, and it would be easier for people to understand. So I dressed Korean traditional clothes hanbok. The male character I put the gat,(Korean traditional hat made of bamboo and horsehair) and the female character I put the a bride’s headpiece and binyeo, (Korean traditional ornamental hairpin), and the result was very satisfactory. I will actually make this using AI tomorrow.


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