27/04/2017 blackcat – Egypt

On the contrary, black cats are seen as symbols of good fortune. In ancient Egypt, among the cats, black cats were particularly sacred. It can be seen that Egypt’s fertility and abundance god ‘Bastet’ was regarded as a symbol of good luck when the face of a black cat was seen. Many cattle bones appeared in Egyptian tombs estimated to be between 4000 and 5,700 years ago, and there are many traces of careful burials that can be seen in the treatment of cats. Thus, ancient Egypt encouraged the country to raise cats at the national level in order to catch rats while agriculture, where cats were regarded as deputies of gods, and anyone except the pharaoh, God’s messenger, was killed when the cat was killed, It is said that it received the reduction exemption. It is said that the various names of Cat that come down now derive from Bast ‘s “Uzat” relic. There is also a story that Persia, who was in war with Egypt, trotted live cats into shields. Naturally, the Egyptian army was embarrassed and lost in the fight. In ancient Egypt, it was also forbidden to carry cats out of the country. There was a god who looked like a cat like Bastet, and a cat mummy is among the artifacts excavated in Egypt because it is made into a mummy and funeral even if it dies like a person.


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