26.04.2017. France- chicken

Since ancient times, chickens have been symbolized as a virtuous being in the country by defeating the darkness and calling the sun, chasing evil spirits and bringing honor and wealth. It is said that the cry of the rooster means resurrection life. The symbol of France gradually gets settled by a rooster, and after the revolution, France becomes a republic, but the symbol of the republic is decided as a rooster. Symbols do not last long. The symbol of the French 1st Constitution will change again.

Napoleon did not like the rooster. He said: «le coqn’a point de force, il ne peut et l’image d’un empire tel que la France»The rooster is powerless and can not be the symbol of the great empire of France.

But in 1870 the government of the Third Republic of France chose the cock again as a symbol of France. The reason is that rooster is the animal that welcomes the new sun. So it means hope, and the crying sounded like the sound of the army’s trumpet, which reminded the soldiers fighting at the border. He also says he is an animal that symbolizes the boundary because he waits for the morning.
And also during World War I the rooster is stamped as a symbol of France.The rooster symbolizes the courage to confront an eagle because the symbol of Germany was an eagle. The rooster is therefore much to appear in the First World War.
In addition Especially in the sports field. You can see a rooster drawn on a soccer player or rugby player’s shirts.Many sport federations have also chosen rooster as a symbol.

A rooster that was a symbol of ridicule from Roman times. But it is a symbol to see the reflexes and corpses of the French who transformed the rooster into the image of today’s proud Republic.


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