18/04/2017 Arrange primary research

Though the London zoo and British Museum I could got lots of primary research. Also in Christmas  vacation fortunately I went the National Museum in Austria. There were animal model but I could research the detail part of them. So I will use that picture for my primary research too.

However, I was worried about how to arrange primary research into a sketch book. There are too many photographs and it is inconvenient if the photos of the animals and the photos of the country are separate, moreover later, when I designed my character, there seemed to be too many duplicate pictures. In addition , primary design is not sufficient for character design, so I will go ahead and decorate a sketch book with a mix of primary research and secondary research. I will also design a rough character directly. The source of the photographs will be arranged in different files, and the sketchbook will have a name tag to distinguish it from primary research or secondary research.



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