Start Easter Vacation 06/04

In this Easter vacation I planed to go to the Czech Republic with my Korean friends. When I decided to go on a trip, I was amazed, but I had a lot of troubles in planning my trip. Not because there are many opinions but because there are no opinions. When I booked the plane ticket or when I booked the accommodation, they did not give any help and they said it was expensive when I finally charged them. When I asked travel members about their travel style, none of them seemed to fit me in style. I used to say that my feet are sore enough to hang around, but they prefer to relax at a hotel. If it does not, I do not know why they go on a trip. So I gave up this trip a lot. I took away my travel plans and made only two plans. 1. Skydiving & 2. Going to Mucha Museum. If other friends do not, I will come by myself.It is the same trip that will not wake up, but I want to come to enjoy it hard.


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