07/04/2017 Night Tour

I arrived late last night in the Czech Republic. We decided to stay at a Korean guest house in the Czech Republic; ‘Central station guest house’ they said they will gives an unlimited number of beers. When we arrived, a lot of people were drinking together in the kitchen, but we did not have a seat so we bought food and drink, than eat and drank in our room. In the middle, the guest house boss came in and greeted each other and drank with us. The boss told us there had a night tour at his hostel tomorrow, so we decided to do it.  In day time we look around the city centre and eat Czech’s traditional meat food. And came back to the house and eat dinner and leave the house for night tour. The one of the guest house step lead our group, he introduce the history of the Czech and the famous places. The night view of Czech was amazing. So beautiful especially the night view of the Prague Castle was wonderful. After the tour half them go the club and half of them go back to the house. We went to the club but turn back to house in front of the door.(There were too many people.) But I think that is great choice when we go back to the house a few people were drinking. I became friends while drinking and talking with them. Most of the people in this guest house were traveling alone and everyone was very nice.


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