Artist response

artist response

Today I did an artist response of Joey Chou. Joey Chou make his works by the computer, using the simple lines. I found his one work made by papers. When I saw that work, I thought Collage and the digital drawing (using AI) are quite similar skill. Make the each layers and combine together. So I choose one of his art work and then recreate by the Collage skill. First, I paint the back ground, I used the sponge to give the special texture. And then I paint the tents, cute girl, moon and star. During make the tents I try to find the beautiful colour combine and the output was so nice. After I cut all of things I arrange them in the best position. It’s really hard to find it o-o;;. Finally, I stick it all and give some shinny effect by white pen. Finding the beautiful colour match was so nice experience for me and Collage skill was interesting and the output give something special expression. I will try this skill again in next time.

FullSizeRender 3.jpgFullSizeRender 4.jpg


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