FMP(14) (SAT-MON) -London Zoo

On Sunday lunch I went with my friends to a zoo where I can say this is the main point of this London primary research. I suggested to my friends to go other museum if yours don’t want to go to the zoo, but everyone went to the zoo because they wanted to go there for a long time. Fortunately, we were able to walk close to the hostel. We walked  watching the deer inside the park while we were going to the zoo. The weather was so good that I felt good. But when I arrived and saw the admission fee, I was surprised because it was more expensive than I expected. I had to go to the zoo unconditionally, but I was sorry for my friends. The London Zoo was so big. There were a lot of animals I wanted to research. Tiger, giraffe, lion, bird, monkey, and so on. One thing is that the weather is so good that the animals were sleeping in the sun, so I could not take a picture close to them. Especially because the beasts  lions and tigers were too far away from people, I could not take pictures well with my phone. Nevertheless, I did a lot of research and I had lots of good memories with my friends   ! _!


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