FMP(13) (SAT-MON) research British Museum

I came to London to research with 4 friends. I stayed in London from Friday evening because of a friend who was taking the IELTS test on Saturday. On Saturday one of them went to the exam and the rest went to the research what they needed and decided to meet again in the evening. I went to the British Museum with my illustrator friend, Phoebe. I needed research on various countries, so I thought the British Museum, which has artifacts from various countries, would be the best. Moreover admission is free! We looked around for 4 hours. It was too wide and my legs were sick, so I looked around the map and saw only a few armies I needed. Egypt and Europe have done a lot of research in Christmas Vacation, so I looked around Asia first and then I looked around Africa and Europe. One thing I surprised about was that there was a Korean exhibition hall, they installed a part of the hanok there. I was able to complete the primary research on the Asian side that I was worried about at the British Museum.


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