I started to made the mood board for the presentation. First I search the campaign which the other artist did before.bbc_wildlife_fund_almost_extinct_ibelieveinadv.jpgThis calendar, created by bbc, is a product created by people who have an x mark on the last day. Each day of the week is marked by endangered animals, and people can reconsider the animals that might soon become extinct by marking the x. It is really creative and clever work. %EC%9D%B4%EB%AA%A8%EC%A7%80(emoji)1.pngWith the advent of sns and messenger applications, emoji has become familiar to us. Wwf used this trend to create an endangered emoji. They have created a system that allows people to donate 0.10 pounds if they tag “Endangered Emoji” on Twitter with animal emoji. I think it is a good campaign to take advantage of the fact that people can easily send messages and participate freely around the world.


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