FMP(5) Project 2 – Globalisation-

Project 2 – Globalisation-

Contextual research

I will have an interview with my school friends. Create a simple questionnaire to research your friends’ country. Although I have not yet decided on what factors to express globalization, I will look through books and the Internet. I will visit and research the British Museum in the UK because I can see various things in the world. Also I will use the pictures of the countries that I traveled before. I will also look at existing world illustration materials. Moreover In trip week I will go Barcelona. We will visit Dali Museum, Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art and Picasso Museum. It will be useful to research for art skills and styles and good chance to know about Spain. It will also be a good research project for this project through the trip to Czech Republic and the Easter vacation.

Techniques and presentation

In this project I will make a pop-up book. So I will find the method how to make a pop-up book in YouTube. I will draw various illustrations related to globalization. I cannot directly say that which materials I will definitely use but I will try as many as I can. Such as watercolour, pen, pencil, acrylic, pastel, ink and so on. Then scan them and edit in Photoshop and print out with good quality paper used in pop up book. If I make a pop-up book based on illustration, animation will mainly be about graphics. Kind of typographic video. So I will display a short video on the computer and display the pop-up book in front of it at the final exhibition.


Overall, this project mainly focuses on the pop-up book. Animation maybe changes into gif. I can’t be sure yet. I will research, experiment, and develop a lot on subject during the rest of the time, and because it is a long-term project, it is necessary to build timetable in detail and keep watch.


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