FMP(4) First theme -animal-

First project  -animal-

Contextual research

Already several artists are already doing these campaigns. I was interested in migrating to such campaigns, so I will refer to their work. And I will use the pictures I took at the Austrian Museum of Natural History for Christmas and I already had for primary research. Moreover I will go to the zoo during the vacation or on weekends in London to observe the animals that live directly. I know familiar people who are interested in organic animals and I will try to interview them. I will find the activity of the World Animal Protection groups on homepage book and write it as data. And I have not been to the Cambridge Organic Animal Sanctuary last time the tutor told me that I will go to there for the project. And in trip week I will go Barcelona. We will visit Dali Museum, Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art and Picasso Museum. It will be useful to research for art skills and styles.

Techniques and presentation

This topic is a campaign, and I want to approach it commercially, in the hope that people will continue to think about this topic. By sponsoring products such as bracelets, earning money and supporting them economically, people can use them to think more about the subject and to promote it to others. So I will try to package the design. (Notebook case, phone case, cup, box, etc.)  I will use both digital method and traditional method, and material has drawing tablet, ink, acrylic, pen etc. In the exhibition, I will design various packages, among them some of them will be made into pictures edit in Photo Shop and some will be made in real 3D.


Overall, this project mainly focuses on the making the pattern. I think this campaign work will be really meaningful work fro me. I will research, experiment, and develop a lot during the rest of the time, and because it is a long-term project, it is really important to build timetable in detail and keep watch.


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