An evaluation of your previous projects

Through the previous projects I learned lots of things. First, I learned a lot about the importance of research, how to put in a sketchbook, and how to develop ideas. And I did not know much about the computer program, and it was best to learn how to handle Photoshop or After Effects with Moving image rotation and Graphic and Illustration class. In particular, I learned more from two projects (newspaper, song project) that I did in specialisation. I did a lot of real development while doing both projects. The work I thought was a Final Piece could produce better works through more research and tutors and friends’ conversations and ideas sharing. I was able to create more new works by using different materials and methods. But I still have a lot of deficiencies and want to try a lot. I have a long time in the final project, so I want to research more and try to produce satisfactory results.


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