I do not know how to start, so I started with mind map as usual.It was a free topic, so I thought I could do it for 12 weeks to do something interesting, so I wrote down what I liked.. Animal cooking friend family animation etc. Among them, I used ‘animal’ as the first keyword that I wanted to use as a theme and to do it as usual project. The usual theme was the ‘Endangered animal protection campaign’. When I was in Korea, I bought a donation bracelet made with immigration and I saw many related illustrations about this topic. Through that, I had the idea that I wanted to do it too. I thought it was a good topic because I liked animals and meaningful. So I thought it was not only endangered but also many other animals in a crisis. For example laboratory animals (Beagle, rats…), animal suffering from people’s greed (fur, ivory, shark fin, animals living in the rainforest …), abandoned organic animals, and so on. I would like to try an animal protection campaign covering these animals.

Secondly, I thought about my family and friends for theme. Then I thought about me now. Now I am studying in UK that is completely opposite from my country, and I made many friends who are from many different countries. Then, the word “globalization” comes to mind. Since communication and transportation have become convenient, many people of the world are living together. International marriages are happening a lot, and I am studying as much as I am, and there are many immigrants. People say that they are 100% native nation because they are born and living there, but they did a saliva test in one YouTube, and there was no one who was 100%. All of them were mixed with blood from different countries. It means that we are genetically globalized. But there are still disputes and cultural differences. This is unavoidable. We are not one. We have to acknowledge the differences and accept the them. So we wanted to say that expressing is different but it is the same. I want to make it pop-up book or animation.


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