Monday cover design

I start to make the cover which I already design before, but there have some problem I change the composition a lot but the outcome is still not satisfied for me. And it’s so messy. I feel I need more development of my cover design so I sketched more about the cover design think about the our group team name “Glance&Glanz”. At last I decided to draw the illustration about the situation the people glance something and in my opinion I thought the Love is most glanz in the world so I combine the love and glance. In back page I just draw the heart and the close eye that’s mean the love and the finish to see the newspaper.

However after I colour it by Photoshop it looks childish and there are no impact. So I take it off all of thing and bring the back page design it minimalism symbol and have impact. In  front page I draw the open eye and put the black short line above heart looks shiny. I think it the best choose to change. The output is so cool I love it so much!!



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