Evaluation of Newspaper project.

The newspaper project was finished. It the first time to do the group project. There were a lot of minor problems in the middle, but it seems to have finished the project successfully. In this project, our group consisted of 7 students. When I first started, we picked topics at random. The subjects varied in maps, food, constellations, museums, etc. I picked poetry. The name is ‘The owl and the pussy-cat’ and its kind of for the children’s poetry. After receiving the theme, we decided to name the team and meet every Wednesday to separate each other’s work progress and ideas. Out team name is ‘Glance’ one member suggest this   because many people see the newspaper very fast just act like glance. Moreover there has similar word ‘Glanz’ it is German and it means shine. It perfect match of our group name! So we decide used both of them. In the process of making the contents of a newspaper, many trial and error. I research lots of thing about owl, cat, boat and the layout of the book illustration. After doing various sketches, I painted owl and cat riding on the boat under the night sky match for the poem. I satisfied with them and  I ended up trying to do something else but the tutor said it was too plain and not funny , I should try to develop it with new materials. After I talk with him I agree with his opinion. Luckily, I learned interesting skills in the next day workshop and applied it. In workshop I learn how to make the layers and paint them clearly. The output was look near more graphic than before but it’s really cool. And next page I combine the illustration and letters by using photoshop. However, after talking with the tutor later, I changed it to a different style too. The same thing happened when I designed my cover. When I was working on the final design, I felt something was lacking, and I decided to revise it from the beginning. After that I changed the design, I change again at the end of the design. As a result, I heard that the changes were better than the first ones. My cover design was satisfactory enough to be chosen as the representative cover of our team.

While working on this team project, I felt that I have learned how to develop ideas and try lots of develop, and while working on this team project, and it is not easy to cooperate with others,but there was a charm different from the work I was doing alone. It was a lot of help to talk to each other about our work process and the point I need more and good and bad point.


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