Idea develop 1

After the rough sketch I choose the 3 sketch and develop more. At first I choosescreen-shot-2017-01-08-at-17-41-08  this drawing. When I started this project at first I think of the record cover design and the record middle cycle part design. And I think this is good for middle cycle design. After I choose this I try to change the composition, colours,  and the main characters design. And depend on the design I cut the Lino for experiment and the outcome is so cool and other people said they love the Lino print than the my cover design. I thought I will develop the idea using the Lino.

But I  think the original composition is the best so I just used it and the colour is quite hard to decide to I will colour it after I choose it for the finial piece. I made a cover design based on the design that I had come up during the primary research and made a sample with a small model.



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