final idea& making

Finial I decide the third idea. I want to make the book so at first I research which kind of book has.Then I try to make a semi pop up book its really hard to explain:(  I design the 3 scene of the song main event. First, I preparing all of the Lino for my book. Devil, Jonny, tree, chicken, violin… its need long time to cut all ! Second, measured 3 kind of papers box, white and brown paper and cut and fold them. Next, paint the Lino on the white paper and cut the edge. Stick on the brown paper and write down the part of lyrics . Finally stick the box on the front and back for the cover and paint by the Devil Lino. Before I made this I worried a lot but the output is so cool. My friend and tutor said its so good too. HAPPY!:)joyfm21.jpg


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