2016.12.17 Final evaluation.

The Moving image rotation was end. I feel time pass so fast than the other rotation. I remembered the first day i really worried about the learn Moving image because of the computer program. I think its amazing that i can used Photoshop and after effect now:) In moving image class i could learn lots of thing. How to develop the idea, how to used the moving image tools and the program. It will be really useful for my future work.

In First project we did abstract film. I did stop motion. It’s interesting to see but really hard to make it. I have to take all of the process.  Connect them smoothly and draw a face each of all photos! I really want to give up during the work but finally  finished and i really love my output! It’s really cute. Second project was harder than the first project it need a story. And there had less time to make it. I always stay in the school until 9. I when to made game format animation so i used the after effect i learn in the class. At first it’s really hard to used it, but after practice i can used it. Still I’m not good at after effect. But it was a good experience to improve myself. But i think i need to improve the second project research. It’s not enough, and i will develope more my character design after the rotation.In future work I will practical use the skill that i learn in Moving image class. Experience of the moving image become a really big merit for me.



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