2016.11.16 Making a video

After  design characters i draw them in other paper and color it. I used watercolor and black pen. I draw 3 version of red hood dear, 1 wolf(i used a photoshop to make other face of wolf),and the contents in basket ,wine,bread and cake.

In Moveing image class we learn the After effect. After effect is really useful program when we make a animation. If i using this program i don’t need to draw lots of drawing to show the moving. Just draw a one drawing and just manipulate the program. But if i using that i have to draw the boby sperately head,arm,leg… like this.  img_5690

And moreover I had to cut all of my illustration by photoshop. It looks easy but it taks a long time to elect the section haha. At frist its really hard to learn the After ettect really really hard!!! 😦 So i ask lots of question to tutor and friend. Thanks to them i can slove my problem, honestly I’m still not good at the skill but it better than before and my video quality become high.:) I start to made this video on Monday but i still not finished ㅠㅠㅠ every day i come back school after the whole scheal and doing work until 9 but can’t finished… But just few part is left i can finish tomorrow moring!!



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