2016.11.14 Character design.

The last week of third rotation I don’t have enough time to make a video. I have to go open day, school trip, ucas fair. So in weekend i finished the character design. I decided to design animal character, and actually i made  my own character before but i didn’t finished yet, just on process. So i want to continue  developed my charater. The past design is good but  it’s difficult to express various facial expressions. I think eyebrows better suited to express facial expressions easily. So i add eyebrows and change eyes and nose as befitting an eyebrow. And actually the ‘ Red Riding Hood’ story’s big symbol is red hood so i just used a red hood. Moreover in my video contents in basket are important, so i design them too.

When I research the ‘ Red Riding Hood’ story. The first man who write down this story, said the wolf active like a gentleman. I inspired of that part, so I design the costume like a gentleman drawing a hat and suit. But I want to express wolf is still scary and dangerous. So I draw a sharp fang and injury on his eye.

Character design is really interesting work for me. During I made them i can’t felt tried. But uunfortunate point was I have limit time 😦 the red hood character I continue my own works so i can research and developed a lot but wolf character I did few research and develop than red hood character. After finish the rotation i will develop the wolf character more!_!.


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