2016.11.10 Moving Image

Today we start the Second project. This project need a storey. This project I want to focus on character design, so i think about which way is most effective to show my character. Then i think the game.I don’t know how to call this kind of game, but there are options that we can choose and then story is continued by my choice, and when the character is saying character’s image appear big size in screen that illustration is really detail  than the simple image inside the game. There are some game images that i can contribute to my second video.(From. YouTube)


I will draw the illustration by water-color, so I think fairy tale story is suit for my video. Moreover, I plan to design an animal character so i choose the story progress in the forest likes ‘Red ridding hood’ and ‘Hansel and Gretel’. I will bring the big concept and change the  inside story for fit with the game.Next week I have no class just attend in final day because of the open day and Ucas tour so I’m worry about i will have not enough time to finish 😦 But I’ll do my best!! I’m exciting to make a new viedo.LOL


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