2016.11.09 Moving Image

Finally I finished my first project. It was really hard work for me. I took so many pictures… haha but I satisfied with my outcome!! I really love my video. This project is the first time to make my own video, I’ve never made it before. So I can learn the many thing from this project. At first now I recognize making a video is really hard work. Just making a 1 min video is really hard, than how about such a long video that’s really amazing.

Second I’m happy to learn some programs. I sincerely want to learn how to used the program. I learn Photoshop, After effect and sound effect and some edit skill. In this video I using them expect the After effect. Next project I really want to used that. There were a lot of things on the process of making the video. Some of photos size are different from the others so when I lander the video the video size are change. I get a advise from tutor and solve the problem by Photoshop! And I deleted some unnecessary photos so there are some gaps between the photos. So i divided for several part and change whole name of photos sequentially. It was quite hard work. Also i used the sound editing program. It cool to combine lots of effect sound together.

Because of the some problem first project takes overtime that I plan but i finished on time. And the output came out I had planned. It look likes the bread and egg are a live and move themselves haha. The most favorite part is the scene of breaking eggs. I express they are alive so I shake it and make it trow out the egg.I think this part is creative and output was also good. However i didn’t took all the pictures at once so the light is not equal. Next time I have to consider the light and i will used more skill on my video.


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