In C&CS class we learn about Earth/land art. Earth art mean the art work that artist did their art work in natural. They usually created the art work outside of gallery. The scale is sometimes small and sometimes huge. Often the earth art made from natural materials that are found in the landscape or site itself. Natural materials can be any things around us water,tree,flower,sound(thunder),light,soil…ect.


Andy Goldsworthy

I saw some earth&land artists. Robert Smithson, Andy Goldsworthy, Christo and Jeanne- Claude. Among them I really interest in  Andy Goldsworthy’s art works. Andy Goldworthy is a Brirish artist. He collaborates the nature to make his creations. He creating works of art in forests and riverbeds around the world, no other tools than his hands. He often used the bright coloured flower,icicles,leaves,mud,pinecones,snow,stone, twings. He likes to connect between the earth and the seeds. He doesn’t mind about the destruction of his artworks. He said in  “Rivers and Tides” documentary  when the destruction happens another part of nature life comes. The sea, the rivers and the growth of grass shapes and redesign his works. I really inspired of his word.It’s really really cool. When I search the other earth&land artists some of them just put the statue in outside of course they have a meaning but I think Andy Goldworthy’s work is more suit and meaningful for earth&land art. I love his art work’s colour. It’s really colourful and l love natural colour gradation. Also i think he is creative. He put bright colour leaves under the tree and makes it look like the  roots shining. So cool!! And he did his art work not only on the ground but also on the water under the ice in the air. He had no limit. All of the nature is his artwork place,materials and ideas. Moreover nature help his artwork too when you saw the bottom picture he just install same rock tower than the water and the cool weather make his artwork. Before i saw his art work i think earth&land art are just big scale and can’t understand why they did that,but after I know his work I change my think Earth&Land arts are really nice, beautiful and amazing!


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