2016.11.07 Moving image

I borrow the trip pod in class and bring my home to do my work. Masters house kitchen table is black so i think its not suit for my video. So i bought wrapping paper. Its really useful. I took all of process of the making a french toast. I took a photo seems like the bread moving himself. It really took a long time to take a all step. But its quite interesting work!

In weekend i took a lot of photo for my stop motion over 1000. Tutor said make a 10 sconed i will be fine but when i connect all photo it’s over 1 min O 0 O. My project is not finish just connect the photo i have to draw face,legs and arms to bread and egg every photo!! 1000!!!!!! OTL… i have the problem of my photo so i change all the image name and separate the section. So today in class i just finished 300 picture…moreover i don’t feel very well i really feel like die…. have to select the back ground sound…I regrect that i took lots of picture. But i’ll try as possible i can!!! cheer up 🙂


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