2016.11.03 Moving image.

Today in class i continue to make my project 1 video. I decided to make a cooking stop motion. So first i searching what i have to make. Actually  i want to make a spaghetti but i already research the stop motion about spaghetti so when i plan how to make the video i keep copy that video. So i find other food recipe that i never saw it before then i finally choose ‘French Toast’ and ‘Korean style home food’.I don’t know which one is better so i just plan both of them. I want to make two video using different materials.

‘French Toast’- Using real staff & ‘Korean style home food’ – Drawing all of the materials, so show a cooking by a paper. After i decide the material, i think french toast video is so simple than Korean food. But i suddenly though the video that i saw last night. This is the promotion video of Movie -‘SAUSAGE PARTY’  SAUSAGE PARTY – Grocery Store Prank.  In this video the food is talking like “Don’t eat me!!!” I think it so funny.

I inspired of this, so I change the plan. I will take photos process of making a french toast and then draw a face, arms and leg to ingredients. Moreover i will insert the human voice. I really exciting to make it~~.


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