2016.10.31 First Day of Moving Image

The last rotation is start. I really interested to see the animation so I choose the Moving image.But i worried because I’m bad to used the program app 😦

Well in the first class l learn same skills. First we learn pixilation animation. Take alots of photos of our movement and then play in photoshop, its really funny our group take a photo too short term of movement, but other group took photo have enough term of movement i think others one is more interesting than us haha.

After that we draw friend face whom sat next me. Then cover my face drawing(which my friends draw it) and my friend face(i draw it) and draw a new face in middle. doing 2 more times , made 5 frams. Finally collect all drawing and connected! Its really interesting to watch face change to others. And also  i made a really short animation by photoshop. Using a photoshop or other aplication is still hard for me but in today class i can learn new skills its really useful. I want to know more skill about making the animation.



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