IMG_4777.jpgI miss the Minimalism class. So have not enough information of the minimalism, But when I got hand out and saw this page I could understand more easily than before. This page compares the two different style of the magazines. The left side of  magazine is really colourful and eye-catching. Beside the right one is simple and clean and background is white. Moreover, the letterform is different too. The left one used informal letter fronts it looks like more fashionable, on the other hand the right one used paint letter form it looks more clean and tidy. The right one is more close to Minimalism style._90030538_mediaitem90030537.jpgScreen Shot 2016-10-21 at 16.24.32.png

Minimalism is characterized by the use of simple, massive forms. Especially japanese people love this. Japanese people like less than more, living in minimalist way.  When I saw the picture in BBC website it’s really tidy and there is nothing so so so clean compared with my room it’s really different. My room is so messy. I do my art work in my room so lots of papers are in every where and I just put clothes in closet. So I sometimes hard to find my clothes. However japan is easily to find it. And they said they need a just few minute to clean it and they enjoy their life more.

In my case I don’t want to live in minimalism style house. I agree it’s really clean and feel clam , but if I live in there I’ll get a lots of stress, I’ll always worry about litter dust. More more I cannot leave do not mess it haha. Also I can’t feel humanism in minimalism its really artificial.


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