Final Evaluation of G&I class

The time was past so fast. Three week are already finished, i feel second rotation was pass away more faster than the first rotation. I remember the first day of the graphic & illustration. My time table had a mistake so i spent really hectic morning. I  already heard about the rotation by my friend, so i know what i will learn in the G&I. When i first heard it i taught it will funny and less homework than first rotation. Surely G&I class was interesting but its not easy lots of homework hahaha i always slept until late in last week of rotation today i didn’t sleep. But equal my body was tired i feel accomplishment.

First, i research a lot of about letter forms and researched 3 different artist who inspired me, moreover tutor said we have to personal respond. When i heard that i feel ‘What how to do that!’ but later i change my mind it was more helpful for myself and i could understand more about the artist. Also in class we went to Fitzwilliam Museum, to saw the illuminated letters.We bring some paper and pen there and sketched. I don’t know it before so it’s really useful artwork for me illuminated letter was so beautiful and creative. I got lots of idea of them and i created my own drop caps what i inspired from them. I really love my own drop caps.

Second, in class we did lots of artwork about letterforms to understand the letters. Likes deconstructing letters, roller, press ,tear the letter,blind drawing and overheard in street. Its really interesting works. I don’t know it there are lots of kind of way to artwork with letters. Moreover i really surprised printer can be a good artwork tool. After i did  every artwork i making a new art pieces by printer its really cool!!! I  really enjoyed sketching in the street. This experiment is go outside and draw the people and write down there speaking. That day is really cold and people move so fast so i went to the cafe and draw them. Finally i change the their speaking letters. For example i heard their voice loud and become quiet i drew them big>small.  Really interesting work!!-!!

Finally i made a zine, actually i don’t know what i have to put inside. So i search the zine and how to made it and what is zine. Zine is the self published books so i can put it anything what i want. So i decided to make it what i was interesting in. Family,friend, k-dream, art work…. I draw simple letters for friend and family and i really interesting in pop-up so i make a pop-up letter too its really cool! and draw some illustration and put the artwork that i did in class. Its takes a long time and really really tired but its good experiment for me. I really sad i don’t have enough time 😦 if i had i could made more creative and experimental zine… i take out some page that i design because of the time. But i pleasing for my result!  In G&I class I could learn new and various kind of artwork. Really really useful and helpful for my future works. Thanks.



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