2016.10.07 Artist research

David Fullarton is a Scottish born, San Francisco based visual artist specializing in works that combine images with text. He keeps notebooks filled with scribbled phrases, scraps of paper and other ephemera that he incorporates into his artwork. These elements represent the often overlooked stuff of daily life, which is the root of Fullarton’s inspiration. He sees beauty in the ways people manage to find joy and meaning in the minutiae. The artist paints vibrantly complex canvases whose elements jumble and mix together in a facsimile of modern life. Fullarton compliments these with smaller mixed media drawings on paper. David explains this series of work by saying, “This is an ongoing series of small mixed media drawings. Each one is an imagined apology combined with a pencil portrait drawn from found pictures of people I’ve never met. Although I’m British, I’ve lived in the USA for the last 16 years, which means I come from a place where everyone constantly aplogises for everything, and I live in a place where no one ever apologizes for anything. This series has come about as a result of that experience. The pieces are also intended to explore the capability of a short, contextless phrase to insinuate a variety of larger and more complex narratives in the perception of the beholder.”  By. artistday.com

I know him because of tutor. He introduce several typographic artists, during searching them i saw David’s works. His art works really catching my eyes. First i love his air works color he use varity colors  for each works but each works colors are really fit well and their colors are not strong so its make eye comfortable. Second it is his big characteristic, he combine images with text. Letter forms are not same every artworks are different !Illustration and varity letters really combine well. Especially l like “SORRY PROJECT” in his whole artwork. He express peolple’s character well, and i like gaving a message by letter forms artworks.


So i inspired by Sorry project i focus on convey message. Actually i have to write birthday card. So i dicided to make a birthday card. At first i choose her picture, and draw it for my style. And I’d just want to focus “Happy Birthday” so i write down the word “happy birthday” for diffrent languages because we are different country and we live with lots of different country friend i want to express we are all friend. And acturally David work is not  magnificence, but i think birthday card have to be. So i make colorful! I love my outcome hahaha i gave it to Pb and she said really lovely and drawing is realistic. I really happy we likes it 🙂


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