2016.10.06 G&I class

Today we did the Lino letter press work 2. Last time we used carbon paper and press machine, today we used the acrylic paint and roller. Choose the lino letters and paint colour what we like and then paint the lino letter by roller.  It was hard work because of the smell and the paint was on the clothes 😦 but it was interesting work!!

After finish the art work our class want to the Fitzwilliam Museum to research the illuminated manuscripts. (An illuminated manuscript is a manuscript in which the text is supplemented with such decoration as initials, borders and miniature illustrations. By.Wikipedia)  When i saw the i though that were so beautiful! The letter and illustration was looks like one of art work. actually it was art work i mean it was harmonious. And they using a blue,red,yellow and gold it catch the eyes!  Sadly i have to come back to the school because of the meeting so i can’t finish my work 😦 so i search more by computer. I Love they’er style drowing a letter with illustration it really inspired me so i design a letter myself hahaha. Lovely illuminated letter~

(An illuminated letter is the first letter of a word at the start of each paragraph. All books were handwritten by monks during the Middle Ages and they made the first letter a lot bigger than the others in the paragraph and was really ornate (decorative). By wikipedia



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