Final evulation

Whole project was finished. I feel time pass too fast ㅠㅠ. I learn lots of things from these 3 weeks. At first i hard to adjest in UK education style. We need lots of research and mind map before design, first i don’t know why i have to do that but during the project it was really helpful to keep going the project. Now i reallize importance of the research and mind map.

Based on my resharch i develop my idea. I think this part is most hard work. Not just drow one design i have to drow many kind of version. After finished each project i write about my works good point and improvement, also i write about other’s works it was really helpful for next project.i could learn lots of things through this process.

Well i really love to making. So making a set and costume was interesting work for me. I love my set design and costume. I think the color and materials which i used are all suit for my concept, and everyone said me it was delicate and beautiful hahaha i’m so happy to hear that 🙂

Theather art roation was really interesting experience for me. I could experience all kind of theater art Set desgin, Costume design and Make up. 3 weeks are not enough time to do all of these so the body is arduous for, but there was a sense of accomplishment after i finished all. I already missed it 😦 its good time to meet good tutor and good time too learn about theater art!!



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