The last day of costume design. 2016.09.19~09.25

Autally costume design was the hardest work in theather art project.  I have a problem when i start to design coustume, so i spent lots of time to thinking my costume concept and design. Then i had no enough time to made dress. So i choose to made a hairband it’s look more easy but its my mistake… i have to made many things to make a hairband:( My costume concept is forest so i make a butterfly by fabrics which i was dying it. And then dying flowers make colourful. It’s the most difficult to deploy a handsomely ㅠ.ㅠ. I put  and put out them a lots of times. Finally my hair band became beautiful.


Good point- I really love my works. I think it was express well that i thought when i designed, and it was suitable for the project theme Festival.I think i did good at flowers colour combinations and butterfly wings colour! It was so beautiful><.

Improvement-Big problem is that i have no time. I spent most time to design and also my hair band is not big scale but it take lot of time to dying flower and butterfly wings. And next time if i have chance to make a costume i want to try make a dress it was so sad i have no time to make dress this project.


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