Assemblage(The Spirit of Our Time) – Salvador Dali

Dada was the name given to an art movement that sprang up in response to the terrible experience of World War One(1914-1918). Many artists and writers tried to find a new way to represent the chaos and disorder they saw around them, using images that made no sense. Dada had a strong influence on another movement that emerged end of the World War 1 and beginning of World War 2. It was called Surrealism. Salvador Dali is the one of the famous surrealism artist. He was influenced by the psychoanalyst Freud. Freud  thought that dreams revealed our hidden subconscious. Dali influenced by dream and nightmare imagery too.

dali_metamorphosis-of-narcissus<Metamorphosis of narcissus>

Artist : Salvador Dali

Year : 1937

Type : Oil on canvas

Location : Tate Modern, London

This painting is according to Greek mythology , one man name Narcissus fell in love with his reflection in a pool. He couldn’t touch the watery image so he follow his reflection into the pool and finally he dead. The god immortalised him as a flower. Dali had lots of interest in the subconscious and psychology, so Narcissus was the good topic of his work because Narcissus story is really good topic to express the deep and complex psychology. In his painting Narcissus described by 2 images. One is real Narcissus sitting in a pool gazing down. Beside him there is a hand shape stone figure which is holding up an egg with flower. In Dali’s other painting egg symbol for sexuality. In the back we can see naked figures symbol expectation. And I think figure of the dark cloud mean Narcissus’s fear about hopeless love. When I was in Korea I went to the Dali’s exhibition and I feel attractive with his artworks symbolise. I choose this picture because I like this painting’s history and Dali’s symbol. It’s so cool.


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