Last day of the set design project. (9/12 ~9/18) 

A week has already gone and that’s mean my set degine project was finished. It was hard works because it was the first project in my life! I choose the concept,design,color,materials…etc all of my self! It’s really cool! and tutor respect my think and give some advise and praise 🙂 That was really really helpful to me continue my project. In my contry they have set formula and standard for evaluate students. So i have to follow that regardless of my thought. 😦   So i could finished my work happily although my body is tired hahaha.

Tutor said when we finish any project we have to do Evaluation by my self. I think it is a necessary process. It’s time to look back on my work. Check the good points and improve points. If i know these i could more better next time.

Good Points

I like the overall design of my project. Well there was a change during the creation of a modle. First when i made a plan i want to put two scences which i was designed, but  i don’t have enough time to do made all of things. So i let go of my greed to show many things, and just focused on one scense. I think change my plane was really good thing. Because just finished one scense take 3 days ㅠㅠ if i keep going to two scences i couldn’t finished my wort on time. I really love my materials in our class there are many things to used it. I made tents by wood sticks and translucent fabric and the most favorite point is my campfire!! i really like it !! I found small rocks and branches  in a yard near my house. It was made so reality so i felt satisfactory !~! Also the mood and colour well express exactly what i expected. I really consider how to give a light effect, then i found easy way to set up, just make a hole under the suject and put some color paper then light beam down. My stage size was smaller than others but i think it was suit for my stage. And every body said it was cute.


Although i love my set design modle it could be improved and be even better.  Autally if someone see my stage without my explane they will not think the theme was festival…so i reject to choose just the night sky with star. I have to choose the night sky with other tents. And it takes a long time to make. I spent lots of time to change the number of stage. Next time i just focuse on one thing! I think my stage type is so simple. There are many types of stage and many interesting things to express the stage likes stairs or second floor composition. But my stage is just grand and square. Next time i have to sarch more about the stage type and stage setting then utilize it for mine.


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