First week in CSVPA

7 days have passed since the foundation course started. During the 1 week there are many things  happened for me. I met many friends came from variety conteries. Different cultures different languages. At frist we feel awkward eachothers but it was just a moment we can become friend easily.

In first week we listen sampling all optial subjects and have to choose three subjects to study over a rotational period. I choose  theater arts, graphics& illustration and craft.

Atually i’m not interesting in theater arts before but after sampling i felt interest in theater art! I love drawing so i pick illustration. At last i really considering about fashion or craft. I think i could learn more specific and detail skill in craft than fastion.

Studying in csvpa is my big challenge in my life. I’ll do my best in this foundation. The first week I spent as well,  I want to get along well with friends and tuters for the rest of the period.


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